Monday, October 10, 2011

Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary. A short trip.

This was a weekend (8th October) one day trip to the bird sanctuary Ranganthittu, just about 130 kilometers from Bangalore. October is not the right season to visit there; migratory birds arrive here only during the winter months. There were a few birds nesting though, mostly the Ibis. It was a nice quiet journey, relaxing and not much eventful. I'll just leave you with some facts and pictures.

Distance from Bangalore: 120 kilometers

Route: State Highway 17, Mysore Road

Road condition: Good, except around 5km of the last stretch after going off Mysore Road. Watch out for occasional small but deadly speed bumps. Lots of fuel stations, eating joints and other shops on the way.

Driving time: 2-3 hours

At Ranganthittu: Walk around the lake. Sit on top of machaans. Watch the birds flying, fishing and feeding. Take photographs. Boating in the lake. There's a restaurant at the sanctuary with limited menu. But lots of places if you come out to the main road. Time your trip accordingly or carry food and water. Large parking space inside, but commercial vehicles are not allowed.

Lotus with dragonfly Dragonfly on a lotus bud

Delicate yellow flowers on the grassAnts on the budding "Bird of Paradise"

Feeding its youngJoin me! The water feels good.

TouchdownEvening sky at Ranganthittu


  1. Flowers add beauty to ur creativity more than the birds. So, don't worry about the fewer migratory bird poulation. 'Birds come and go but not flowers for they stay forever adding beauty to the pristine nature'.

  2. @Seema Thanks.
    @sriramnivas Thanks. That's a nice rhyming line!

  3. one of my favourite getaways...beautifully brought in and very intrinsic pics

  4. Micro films -- literally. The ants were wonderful! Loved the touchdown shot too :)

  5. Love your photos.Specially the bird in flight !!!

  6. @ravi. Thanks. It's a good place to sit and sketch too!

    @zephyr :) Thanks. It was amazing watching the ants scurry around and do antennae talk among themselves.

    @chitra thanks! :)

  7. Its Superb!!!


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