Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane - Trucks of India

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Hospet is 230 kilometers from Bijapur. The road from Bijapur to Hospet is NH 218 till Bagalkot and then NH 13 till Hospet. The roads were single lane and there was terrible truck traffic on this stretch of the road. Driving was slow and it was irritating to be forced to tail a slow truck. To entertain ourselves we started taking pictures of the behinds of the trucks. After some time it really became amusing to watch the different kinds of messages and pictures painted on them. The styles varied depending on which part of India the trucks came from.

I remember having asked someone why are trucks in India always decorated so much, while busses are not. And the reply was that trucks carry goods and run on dusty roads that makes them dirty faster than busses. They are painted with pretty colors to compensate and make them look attractive in spite of the dirt on them. :)

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