Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane - Gulbarga (Kalburgi)

(Part of a series of posts starting with "A Trip Down Memory Lane")

The drive from Bidar to Gulbarga took us around two and half hours. Good roads and less traffic as the previous leg of our journey.

Bidar to Gulbarga distance: around 120km
Driving time: 3 hours

Gulbarga was the capital of the Bahamanis till they shifted it to Bidar. So, the historical monuments here are slightly older than what we saw in Bidar. Gulbarga was renamed back to its traditional name Kalburgi in 2005. But the old name (or rather the new name that was replaced with the real old name) is still lingering around.

The Gulbarga Fort was the only place we wanted to visit here. We did find the place and ventured in as well. But the locals did not appear to be too receptive to our queries. We had a feeling that young (?), jeans clad, atheist looking tourists, who just take pictures of the broken fort and nothing else are not welcome here. We would have loved to be proven wrong, but unfortunately we were short of time and were in a hurry to find some accommodation for the night. No one seemed to be able to point us to any good hotel around Gulbarga. So we made a hasty turn towards our next destination - Bijapur, hoping to reach there before the reception desks of the hotels close.

Gulbarga was not as exciting to us as we had hoped and we have little to share. But there are lots of places to be visited here as well. Here's a nice video on Gulbarga we had found on YouTube. We hope to visit this place again in future.

Bijapur, here we come... (next post)

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  1. NIce blog on Gulbarga with beautiful pictures. I have been to Gulbarga, city in karnataka, famous for toordal Pigeon pea and the limestone deposits. It has the largest collection of Islamic art and there are various places to visit in Gulbarga which are adorned with painting containing various designs. Artists love to explore the place.


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