Saturday, February 27, 2010

Glimpses from Aircraft Museum (HAL, Bangalore)

This weekend I visited the HAL Aircraft Museum in Bangalore. I guess I had built up my expectation to very high levels, so the museum seemed to be a disappointment. There were more picture galleries than real stuff there. Anyway, there were a few photo opportunities.

One of the connectors hanging out from the sides of a Sea King helicopter.

The headlamp of a Surya Kiran trainer aircraft.

Engine of an HAL HT-2 aircraft un-mounted from the aircraft.

Tail landing gear of an HAL HT-2 aircraft. The HT-2 was the first aircraft designed and manufactured in India by the HAL.

Very interesting patterns on the inside of the heat shield of a PSLV.

My visit was short. In my opinion the museum could have been made much more interesting if there was some museum personnel guiding people around and telling interesting tit bits about the air crafts. I listened to a young pilot giving a tour to his parents, pointing out and explaining the instrument panels and other machinery. I found them quite interesting.

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