Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bhubaneswar Wall Paintings - Oriya Food

Here are some Oriya dishes picturized in the wall paintings of Bhubaneswar. This page in Wikipedia lists some more Oriya dishes.

In the above picture, roughly from left to right are:
  • Dali (Dal/Lentils)
  • Tarakari (Curry)
  • Dahi (Curd) hanging from a Sika. You see it hanging from a contraption made out of jute rope called Sika. The Sika is usually hung from the ceiling and used to keep food and items away from insects, animals and kids.
  • Basa Dahi (Creamy Thick Curd). The other type of curd is called Ghola Dahi (Skimmed Curd).
  • Saga Bhaja (Fried green leafy vegetables).
  • A typical traditional meal served on plantain leaf.

In the picture immediately above, roughly from left to right are:
  • Pakhala (Rice in salted and herbed water)
  • Enduri (Rice cakes wrapped in turmeric leaves and steamed)
  • Manda Pitha (Steamed rice cakes with sweetened/salted fillings)
  • Chakuli Pitha (Flat cakes made from a fermented batter of rice & lentils and fried on a pan. A type of Dosa.)
  • Arisha Pitha (Rice flour mixed with spices & warm jaggery water to make dough, made into flat round cakes and deep fried in oil)
  • Puri (Deep fried & puffed flour (typically wheat flour) breads)
  • Karanji (Folded oval shaped maida puris stuffed with sweetened & spiced grated coconut, sealed with decorated folds and fried)
  • Rasagola (Cheese balls immersed in light sugar syrup and boiled.)
  • Gulab Jamun (Balls of corn flour, cream and spices deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup)
  • Khasta Gaja (Sweetened fried maida flour)
  • Dali Gaja (Similar to the Khasta Gaja, but crusted with sugar)
  • Laddu
  • Chena Poda (Sweetened and spiced cheese baked in oven.)
  • Bada Osa Bhoga (A variety of Manda Pitha with tapered top made specially for a festival called Bada Osa)
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  1. I couldn't click on the pics and enlarge them as in the last one and these were pics that needed to be enlarged and viewed to drool over. I must visit Orissa (have been planning to) at least to taste all the delicious dishes!

  2. @zephyr Oops... Google Blogger has introduced a new image viewer that's acting up with large images. I just disabled it on my blog and am about to send an e-mail to them.

    In the meantime, you can enlarge my images the good old way by clicking, and drool over them. :)


  3. tasted most of these Delicious item at Ananth Basudeva temple Bhubaneswar

  4. @kranthi, @Seema Thanks!

    @Team G Square, yes traditional delicacies at the Ananth Basudeva temple is very popular. Including the "abhada" - the special preparation used for the prasad.

  5. These are very beautiful and informative - any way you can post larger sizes? Cheers

  6. I met an artist from Orissa who does very detailed sketching, here in Dakshin Chitra. His work was awesome ! He said he is from the village of Kelucharan Mohapatra. Now when I read this blog, it reminded me of him. Awesome work dude !

  7. @Shadows Galore: Thanks. Kelucharan Mohapatra, the Odissi dance guru, was from Raghurajpur village. Raghurajpur is indeed a village of artists. It's near Puri. BTW, what/where is Dakshin Chitra?

  8. Sorry for the late response Tanmay, Dakhsinachitra is a live musleum in Chennai depicting the heritage of South India and the art and culture from across India. A must visit if you come any where near Chennai.


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