Friday, February 6, 2009

Fixing the Roots

Came across this article named "The Big Fix" in NY times through Mr. Nandan's blog post. A very though provoking article. I sometimes am shocked to see the difference in the level of thinking and knowledge and analytic capabilities of some of our (India's) political leaders when compared to that of their peers in certain other nations and also when compared to their peers in business leadership.

I have watched movies on civil wars and political turmoils and I used to pity the people of those nations who are destroying themselves. The hero of the movie would be an outsider who would go through pains to make his point and improve the situation, and all the while you wonder if this person could be so motivated what's wrong with the nation's own children? I hate myself when I sometimes compare what I see or read to those movies. I know we are not that bad and there are worse situations elsewhere, but that still doesn't make us good enough.

When would our turning point arrive?

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