Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All in a day - Beautiful Bhubaneswar

This is a short video representing a typical day at my hometown during the rainy months. This is my first attempt at (or rather I should say the first serious effort at) making or editing a video. I have put the subtitles as well, don't forget to enable them. And Google has a nice translation feature where you can translate the captions to your language. And thanks to Louis Armstrong for having sung the "Wonderful World" for the background track.

Even after considerable editing and cutting out of unnecessary portions to bring it down close to 4 minutes, I still feel it is dragging at certain points. The clips that I have edited were recorded more than a year ago over a period of two weeks. The sequence of the original video was not at all the same as you see it. I hope my stitching together has been smooth and the flow correct. Your opinions are welcome.


  1. Superb video editing has been carried out beautifully. Keep it up Tanmay. But missed you in the bloggers meet at Bangalore last saturday 10/9/11

  2. @Deguide Thanks for the encouragement! I'll surely try to make it to the bloggers meet next time.


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