Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Skagen - My new watch

My trusty Casio watch has finally got something to envy. After sticking to my Casio for close to a decade, I finally decided to give a chance to my new Skagen watch.

I liked (and still like) the Casio for being a no nonsense functional wrist watch. I have purchased three Casio watches over the last 20 years - but the same model. :) The time is rock solid, never falters till it's time to replace the battery, and battery lasts a lifetime (7 years). It gives me all the basic functions, date and day, alarm and a stopwatch to play with. I use the stopwatch to play fastest fingers. :)

This Skagen was a gift from my brother. He wanted to gift me a good swiss watch. He probably knew my preference for simple functional electronic stuff. But unfortunately the Swiss don't make good electronic watches. Skagen's website lists my watch here.

Skagen designs are modern, minimalistic, light, thin but industrial. It is a Denmark based brand. Skagen is the name of a small fishing Hamlet at the tip of Jutland peninsula in Northern Denmark. Skagen's clean and straight designs reflect the beauty and serenity of this place.

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The pictures in the slideshow below, from Flickr, are simply breathtaking:

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