Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Oceans of Sand

Was flying from India to UK few days back (28th September, Friday) on a BA flight. The flight path was over the deserts of the middle east. This was the first time I was seeing the deserts with my own eyes and it was beautiful. An ocean of sand instead of water. Dunes instead of waves. Earthy instead of blue. Tiny spots where people lived. Groups of houses around may be an oasis or may be an oil field.

I didn't have a camera at hand right then to take some snaps. Have tried to search some pics on the internet that resemble the view. This is approximately the place we were flying over - around Syria I think.

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Some nice aerial pictures of deserts:


  1. impressed:-) That reminds me next time I fly to India from Doha I shall keep my camera handy to sneak into capturing few interesting shots.

  2. beautifully captured. I am following you and will definitely come back.


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